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sweeping through the athletic industry.

Authorized Kinector Distributors

Novella Rotational is dedicated to manufacturing innovative and revolutionary rotational fitness equipment designed to maximize your growth and performance. We only accept individuals and entities as authorized distributors that not only meet our minimum requirements but believe in the benefits of multi-joint rotational training. We strongly encourage individuals to only purchase authentic Novella Rotational products from authorized distributors that can explain in-detail how rotational training stands to benefit you.

Rotational fitness equipment obtained outside our network of authorized distributors can not be verified as authentic and unmodified. Only our patented & proprietary Novella Rotational fitness equipment can be guaranteed to deliver true progress and lasting results.

There Are Many Advantages To Selling Novella Rotational Fitness Equipment

  • Earn incredible margins from high-quality equipment
  • Constant support from our manufacturing team
  • A wealth of literature and documentation to assist in your sales process
  • Authorized distributors maintain their unique territories
  • Patented rotational training equipment unlike anything else on the market.

The typical Novella Rotational distributor ranges from your average gym to fitness equipment retailers and even personal therapists looking to improve their client’s performance. We even work with larger distributors that maintain a network of sub-distributors underneath them.
If you’re interested in becoming a Novella Rotational authorized distributor, we want to hear from you. Our manufacturing and distribution team is always interested in adding new distributors to the family. When you’re ready to take part in a company changing the athletic world as you know it, contact us.

We’d appreciate the chance to discuss how Novella Rotational fitness equipment can add value to your business and help cement your name as a unique player in a rapidly changing industry. Complete the contact form below and a member from our team will reach out to you shortly.