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The world of sports will never be the same again.

Helping Everyone Enjoy Life & Improve Performance

At the core of what we do is manufacture a product that will help people reach higher performance levels in their athletic careers. Aside from athletes looking to improve strength, speed, and stabilization, the K1 Kinector can be used by athletic-minded individuals who lead an active lifestyle. At Novella Rotational, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their goals, reduce pain, improve mobility, improve strength, and reach next level performance.

The Novella Rotational Story

The Novella Rotational Story began over 20 years when the science of rotational training was just beginning to be discovered. Through many years of research and discovery the science has finally been  perfected to a level where it can be applied beyond theory and utilized in practice. This new methodology is set to truly revolutionize the way we think about recovery and growth.The body of an athlete is a well-oiled machine that can react in various ways to complex stimuli. We’ve dedicated our  professional careers to bringing you a quality product that is manufactured in the heart of Charleston SC. We promise to continue  developing the right muscular and joint stimuli in order to achieve continuous phenomenal results. Let us introduce you to the world of rotational training today.

The Rotational Training Philosophy

You may not understand it, but muscular compensations occur in the body as a way to find stabilization. When that happens, it significantly impedes the firing order of the kinetic chain. Consequently, this weakens your body and makes you more prone to injury.

Rotational training works by clearing up those dysfunctions and getting you on the path to improved mobility, better strength, and enhanced performance. By strengthening the neural connections that take place between the brain and your joints, everything improves from coordination to balance and even your reactionary speeds.


Kelly Wood

What started to as a way to improve the quality of life for my 87-year old father has evolved into a true mission. My name is Kelly Wood, and I am the CEO/Founder of Novella Rotational USA.
My determination and commitment to advancing the science behind rotational therapy comes from personal experience. Necessity is the catalyst for most things in life. My father was my first customer at the time. When he started showing enhanced mobility, that’s when we discovered the science behind rotational therapy was more than conjecture; it was real. It wasn’t long before rotational therapy became a part of his weekly routine, and the magic began to happen as my father started showing significant improvements in both stamina and mobility. I never forgot the look on his face when he started noticing improvements. At that moment, I knew rotational therapy could be a tool to help as many people as possible, just like my father.
Before founding Novella Rotational USA, I was the co-founder of a similar company using rotational therapy science to improve lives. As a true believer in rotational therapy, I watched the company veer far away from the original goal of helping people; women in the manufacturing business understand that this male-dominated industry is changing. That’s when I knew things could be done better. As a mompreneur of four beautiful children, my children and relatives motivated me to push onward as a serial entrepreneur on my journey to becoming a female leader in manufacturing. Shortly after, I founded Novella Rotational USA.
As true rotational therapy advocates, we realized its mission to help others live a higher quality of life has no price. Seeing patients walk pain-free after years of recovery leaves quite the impression. That’s what it is all about at Novella Rotational USA.

The Mission

The Novella Rotational mission sits on a foundation of helping athletic-minded individuals achieve greater fitness goals, and improve their quality of life. Through manufacturing and distributing quality rotational fitness equipment, we’re making this a reality one person at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision as a company is to introduce the concept of multi-joint rotational training to the world and establish “Novella Rotational USA” as a leading manufacturer of rotational fitness equipment.

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Ready to buy a machine?

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